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PAX IC Voltage Regulator IC datasheet pdf


PAX IC Voltage Regulator IC (TLV70450DBVR)


The TLV704 series of low-dropout (LDO) regulators are ultralow quiescent current devices designed for extremely power-sensitive applications. Quiescent current is virtually constant over the complete load current and ambient temperature range. These devices are an ideal powermanagement attachment to low-power microcontrollers.

The TLV704 operates over a wide operating input voltage of 2.5 V to 24 V. Thus, the device is an excellent choice for both battery-powered systems as well as industrial applications that undergo large line transients.

The TLV704 is available in a 3-mm × 3-mm SOT23-5 package, which is ideal for cost-effective board manufacturing.


  • Ultralow Power Microcontrollers
  • Industrial and Automotive Applications
  • Inverter

Pin Configuration and Functions:

PAX ic

Pin function

PAX ic

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