Luminous Inverter Error Code

‘FLA’ Error in Luminous Inverter

Luminous Zelio+1100/1700 and Zolt 1100/1700 Inverter Showing “FLA” error In Display?

So there ‘FLA’ is not a error code in Zelio/zolt Inverter model, ‘FLA’ is Battery Selection Types which is on the back side of the inverter. “FLA” mean Flat Plate Battery. Zelio+/Zolt inverter has battery selection Switch which on it’s back panel. ( this selection switch is the back side of the Inverter) it,s something like this T – Means Tubular Plate Battery, F – Means Flat Plate Battery, S – Means SMF ( Sealed Maintenance Free) Battery also know as ( VRLA).

So this is what showing the battery selection mode in the Display. It’s not a problem it’s just the battery selection Mode. It will keep popping up on your display from time to time.

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