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ULN2003 IC Datasheet


ULN2003/ ULN2001A/ ULN2002/ ULN2004 ALL DATASHEET.

The ULN2001A, ULN2002A, ULN2003 and ULN2004A are excessive voltage, excessive modern darlington arrays every containing seven open collector darlington pairs with not unusualplace emitters. Each channel rated at 500mA and may face up to height currents of 600mA. Suppression diodes are covered for inductive load using and the inputs are pinned opposite the outputs to simplify board layout.


  • Output Current 500mA per Driver
  • Output Voltage 50V
  • Input pinned opposite output
  • Integrated Supperssion Diode

Ratings Maximum:

  • Output Voltage(Vo): 50V
  • Input Voltage (Vin): 30V
  • Continuous Collector Current (Ic): 500mA
  • Continuous Base Current: 25mA
  • Junction Temperature: 150 C

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